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Do you LOVE the art of sales and helping others?

Are you a highly motivated and driven person?

If yes, then please read on…

I run a digital marketing company in Bristol, called Zare Marketing.

We help small and medium businesses in the health and fitness industry to seriously increase their revenue.

Our service delivers an excellent ROI that these businesses simply won’t find elsewhere. Because of the personal approach, free trial and jaw-dropping results, this sales position comes without pushy or aggressive sales tactics – only heartfelt thanks from our clients.

I want to take Zare Marketing to the next level and help more small businesses benefit from our services. That’s where you come in…

Position summary

The purpose of a Zare Sales Executive is to perform client outreach and convert businesses in the most effective and efficient manner possible.

The types of businesses you will engage with will be:

  • gyms, yoga studios and personal trainers
  • chiropractors and osteopaths
  • dentists and orthodontists
  • plastic surgeons

…and many others.

You will do this through phone consultations, email and social media outreach with an aim to schedule a presentation.

After scheduling a meeting, you will attend and carry out the presentation. You will educate and inform the prospect of our entire process and how it could fit their business needs, before offering a free trial.

You will be responsible for your own “desk” – you will manage your schedule, ways you perform outreach and when and where your meetings take place.

As part of this opportunity, you will be entering on the ground floor of a new sales team, with an aim to propel and refine growth; taking responsibility for your successes and being rewarded accordingly.

Who is this position for?

You’ll be an ideal candidate if you:

  • are a top sales rep at your current company (or in the top 5%)
  • have the confidence and aren’t afraid to challenge our clients to do their best
  • are honest and determined to help our clients test-drive a product you truly believe will work for them
  • have great problem-solving skills and are able to address issues using your own initiative
  • are able to create a structured work environment and manage your own time
  • are innovative and can look at a task and find ways to improve the process
  • are comfortable and happy to help less experienced co-workers develop
  • have a desire to pursue a career filled with growth and rewards

Most importantly, you need to:

  • have the drive to work hard
  • be motivated by money
  • be ready to learn and develop

Who we’re not looking for

Please do not apply if you:

  • have less than 2 years of sales experience
  • have been in sales for a long time and want to “coast to the finish line”
  • don’t have the drive and ability to self motivate

If none of these three things apply, then please read on…

Outcomes and responsibilities

30-day targets:

  • learn all technology, systems and service offerings
  • 10 sales appointments completed
  • an appointment conversion rate of 20%

60-day targets:

  • 15 sales appointments completed (in month 2)
  • an appointment conversion rate of 25%

90-day targets:

  • 20 sales appointments completed (in month 3)
  • an appointment conversion rate of 30%

Why this isn’t your average sales job

In any sales rep job, you’re likely to work 8 to 6, selling things you don’t care about. You’ll be sat in a slow-paced and stuffy office with few growth opportunities.

At Zare Marketing:

  • we’re a company that puts employees and clients FIRST
  • you will sell a meaningful and sought-after service
  • flexitime and home-working opportunities
  • unlimited holiday (amongst other benefits)
  • excellent basic pay, commission structure and profit share

and many other benefits…


The key performance indicators we will look at:

  • number of sales appointments completed
  • sales conversion rate
  • sales revenue


You will be assessed based on attitude, competence and fit into the company’s culture – not on education.

We want to invest in individuals who have the drive to succeed – you might even want to start your own business one day.


  • at least 3 years in a sales position with excellent performance
  • CRM and sales process experience


  • at least 5 years in a sales position with excellent performance
  • £1 million in lifetime sales of any product/service
  • experience with low ticket, high volume sales (eg. £1,000 to £5,000 sales price, 1 or 2 call close, instead of long enterprise cycle)

The pay

Basic salary: £24,000 – £36,000 (full time, per year), and

Uncapped monthly commission:

  • 15% on £1 – £2,000
  • 30% on £2,000+

How does that add up?

  • If you’re average: £35,000 per year
  • If you’re good: £70,000 per year
  • If you’re great: £120,000+ per year

These figures include the basic salary and assume you will be able to fulfil your job well.


  • Unlimited holiday
  • Flexitime and home-working opportunities
  • Profit share
  • Bi-weekly house cleaning
  • How many clients did you sign this week? Finish that number of hours early on Friday
  • Company phone and laptop
  • Health, dental and optical insurance
  • Company pension scheme

About Zare Marketing

We’re a digital marketing company like no other – we don’t just push meaningless services. We deliver exclusive, high quality and high intent leads that come from our bespoke advertising campaigns and purpose-built landing pages.

These hot leads land in our clients’ inboxes in real-time after redeeming an unmissable offer. Our clients can then quickly follow-up to schedule a meeting and close the client.

We genuinely want to help our clients. Our work is optimised and perfected by our digital marketers to ensure that our clients receive the highest possible ROI not only during the trial but throughout the length of their service with Zare.

How to apply

Please complete the form below to apply. If you have any questions, please email [email protected]

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