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Our unique process consistently attracts, converts and delivers paying clients.

Zare Marketing works with small and medium businesses to bring in exclusive, targeted and high-intent leads through a managed process that delivers high Return On Investment (ROI).

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100% exclusive leads

Unlike many other lead generation agencies, the leads we generate are 100% exclusive to you. You own your data and your clients, which come through a bespoke lead generation setup.

Receive leads in real-time

Leads are delivered automatically and immediately to allow you to follow-up ASAP for the best chance of closing a sale while the customer's interest is high.

High quality leads

Your ads are delivered to prospects with the highest interest in your products or services. We base this on geographics, demographics, job positions, interests, relationships and more!

High intent leads

We target proactive prospects and require leads to enter your sales funnel by redeeming an offer. This minimises wastage and results in hot leads landing in your inbox!

Near endless sources

Leads are found by targeting very specific Facebook and Google audiences, where your leads have expressed interest and are looking for your product or services.

GDPR compliant

Each client benefits from a bespoke setup from the ground up. As part of the process, we ensure that all leads are delivered in a secure and GDPR compliant way.